Is This Life Supposed To Be?

As singles, you have the advantage of not having to divide your time and attention for a family and kids. 

And yet you spend most of your time being depressed over relationships and wanting to get married as soon as possible.

When the fact is, you still struggle with getting a decent income to finance your single life.

Worse of all, you are in a huge debt because you lack a purpose of life and so you stroll through life following whatever the world offers. 

Christian Singles - Learn More About John Maxwell

Among all successful Christians, John Maxwell is one them.
He was raised in a Christian family.
He started as a professional doctor, then became a pastor.
And today he is our famous John Maxwell.

Christian Singles - Learn About John Maxwell's Illustration Of Life

One day he gave an illustration about life by using an example of 3 kinds of animal and 1 man.

Here is the story line:

On the 1st day, God created a dog.
He told that dog  to sit all day at the front of the house and bark at anybody that passes by. It was given a lifespan of 20 years .
The dog felt that it was such a long time to be barking. So it gave back to God the other 10 years. And God agreed.

On the 2nd day, God created a monkey.
He told the monkey to entertain people and make them laugh. It was given a lifespan of 20 years .
The monkey thought that it was such a boring task to do for 20 years. And so it returned the other 10 years to God. And God agreed.

On the 3rd day, God created a cow.
He instructed the cow to go out to the field with the farmer all day long, suffer under the Sun and give milk to support the farmer. It was given 60 years to live.
The cow saw such a tough life to spend. And so it gave back to God 40 years. And God agreed.

Finally, on the last day, God created a man.
He told the man to eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy his life. He gave the man 20 years to live.
The man was shocked. He wanted more. And so he told God to give him both the 10 years that the dog and monkey gave back to God, and the 40 years from the cow.
So he had a total life span of 80 years. And God agreed. 

Whether You Are Married Christians Or Singles - Understand The Moral Of The Story

That is why, the 1st 20 years of your life; you eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy yourself.

For the next 40 years, you slave under the Sun to support your family and become very depressed.

For the next 10 years, you do monkey tricks to entertain your grandchildren.

And for the last 10 years, you sit down on the front porch and bark at everybody that passes by. Because you never get out of depression.

Is that the life that you want?

This should NOT be the dream of any Christian singles that have been destined to be the Joshua generation. You are so much more than those average people who live the common life and die when the time comes without leaving behind their footsteps. 

All Married Christians And Singles - This Is How You Should Live

What the Bible says about it:

"I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency)."

-- Philippians 4:13

"I have strength for all things" - means you should have a commitment and effort to win. This is your part.

“In Christ Who empowers me” - means He has the strength and power to win. And this is God’s part.

It means that you provide an effort and God will provide the strength for you to do it. When you move one step forward, God will move one step forward too. If you do nothing, then you may as well die.

Self-sufficient = Able to provide for oneself without the help of others; independent. 

"In Christ's sufficiency" - means He is more than enough for you, for anything.

The confidence and strength to do things come from God. 

I believe this is the Word of God.
I believe I am what the Bible says I am.
I believe I can have what the Bible says I can have.
I believe I can be what the Bible says I can be.
This is the Final Authority in my life. 

So what are we supposed to do in this life?

Read this: What on Earth Am I Here For?

Or just listen to the audio CD for simplicity and efficiency.

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